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3D rendering nowadays is one of the greatest ways to show the high quality image to our customers. 3D models and high resolution textures together can bring very photo-realistic results. As a 3D visualization specialists we provide many solutions in order so that our customers feel satisfied and glad of our services. We offer very precise and photo-realistic visualizations.

                                   We put a lot of effort to match our customers expectation. At Visumaster 3D we use one of the most efficient 3D modelling and animation software, which Autodesk 3ds max 2021 is. Moreover we use one of the best rendering engines, which V-Ray 5.0 certainly is. When we are making the project, we start from scratch using DWG plans, drawings and pointed by our customers style and furniture placement. Shortly saying, we make our projects for special customer’s needs. We need only the precise data such as dimensions, furniture style and placement and color balance and every detail placed in the outsourced project. After we have already the necessary data, we start the 3D visualization and animation process.

Saloon visualization no 351 01A

At first we create all walls, floors and ceilings. After this stage, we make all 3D models of the furniture and interior decorations. Having all the furniture and decorations inside the room we set up the rendering settings to achieve as much photo-realistic image as it’s only possible using V-Ray 5.0. 

This is the first stage of 3D visualization creation process. First of all we set up the walls being the basic shape of the room in pointed by customer metric units and dimensions: length, with, height. After we have all walls and holes for windows we are going forward to the second stage of 3D visualization creation process: we add windows, doors and floors.

Here you can see the next second stage of the 3D visualization creation process. After creating walls with windows holes we create the window’s framing, the doors and flooring. In this state the basic shape and plan of the main elements of the elevation is ready to place into it the furniture layer with all details and decorations and setting up the correct mapping and used colors. This stage is quite simple step to go through but in some great and large exterior visualizations only the walls include such a many details and holes that it may take some time. When the second stage is ready the workflow belongs mostly to the modellers and textures artists who create the furniture and texture them so that they should look photo-realistic and proportional.

Here you can see the next third main stage. After creating the walls in their proper dimensions and adding window’s framing, doors and floors we start modeling the 3D models of the furniture layer needed in the room and organized and designed in pointed by the customer style. Either it’s a minimalistic vision of our customer or some other more free to change the placement of the furniture and decorations such as pictures or real estate masterpieces. This stage remains couple of hours for set up the scene and make the 3D composition ready to final renders and post-production of the picture and it’s quality. We always put as much effort as it’s only possible. The last stage after creating 3D furniture and decorations models is to set up the appropriate settings for the best quality and photo-realistic final result.

Here you can see the last final stage of the 3D visualization creation process. After placing all the furniture and decoration elements we need to create the ceilings or just a simple flat or curved roof. In this example we used flat roof with the little window placed inside the hole created in the roof before the frame of the little window was created. This stage is the last of stages, where we provide changes and model the walls, windows, ceilings, floors and furniture layout with decorations. Now the only one thing left to do is to set up the correct rendering settings so that the photorealism and precision should be shown on the final render.

Here you can clearly see the final and the last stage of 3D visualization creation process. Having made the 4 stages we are setting up the final render settings depending on the weather conditions are good and we have clear sky or the weather is bad and we have clouded sky and darker global lighting value. When we only have precise information about the weather simulation we start to set up the scene and we put the camera into the modeled room. If it’s ordered by the customer we are creating couple of cameras and we animate them and fix the short scenes of camera walkthrough the property or single room as it’s in this case, which we describe in this chapter. Best possible render setup and appropriate settings gives us the most photo-realistic final render which value and price strongly depends on the complexity of the scene and size of the room or all mansion, where we have more than one room and more than 10 different camera animations or 10 different renders of still image. The final price is the summary of all this elements and details of the property, which we have been given to visualize and present using animation as the best video 3D presentation of the property for future needs of the 3D artists, architects and property and living areas developers, who can show their property to the buyers before the real house gets ready to be arranged and moved in by the client. 3D animation in connection with perfectly textured and modeled 3D models is the best tool to showcase the future property in the final stage before it really gets started to build and arrange by interior designer or decorator or architectural stylist. As the Visumaster 3D CEO and Funder I strongly recommend to read our story and move comfortably through the website topics and our great and large Portfolio and 3D Visualization Tabs. We also invite to watch our 3D animations, thanks to which you can find out your future way of the best possible product presentation for your brand, company or your own purposes of commercial usage of the property 3D visualization we provide as our main goal and service.

Call us now: +48 459 022 333 or write to us at: jedrzejczak-marcin@o2.pl and your request or order will be quickly entered to the new project workflow and your project will be designed and created by our best experts in the branch of architectural visualizations and fairy tales animations.

With greetings and respect:

Marcin Jędrzejczak

CEO and Funder of Visumaster 3D         

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